Morden online accounting software for small business, having below features

  • 1. Built with morden latest technologies
  • 2. ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Sql-Server for reliable performance
  • 3. Fast and optimized solution
  • 4. Rich user interface using Boostrap
  • 5. Mobile and Tablet friendly
  • 6. Ajaxified and highly responsive
  • 7. Multi-Currency supports
  • 8. Unlimited level of account grouping
  • 9. Covers all financial transactions
  • 10. Easy to use little or no knowledge required for accounting
  • 11. Role base user access
  • 12. Extensive reports and audit trail


Ledgerbook Payment

Payment entry screen

Ledgerbook Profit and Loss

Ajaxified final statment reports

Ledgerbook Purchase grid listing

Ajax base grid listing support multi-column sorting